The way to recognize good quality led strip lights

publisher: Maple Lee
Time: 2016-09-08
Summary: Different methods to show you good quality of led strip lights
1, see the solder joints. Solder joints are smooth and the amount of solder will not be more, arc-shaped solder joints from the FPC to the LED electrode at the extension.
2, see the FPC quality. FPC sub-copper and copper rolling two kinds of copper clad copper foil is protruding to the closer look at the pad from the connection with the FPC to see it.
3, to see LED lights with surface cleanliness. If the use of SMT production process LED lights with the surface of the cleanliness is very good, do not see any impurities and stains.
4, look at packaging. Regular LED lights with anti-static material will be used to roll tray packaging, usually a volume of 5 meters or 10 meters a roll, and then outside the anti-static moisture-proof packaging bags sealed.
5, see the label. Regular LED lights with packaging bags and reel above the plate will have printed labels, rather than printed labels. The cottage version of the label is printed, while the specifications and parameters are not uniform.

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