Why to design and use led strip lights?

From: Aladdin Lighting Network
publisher: Maple Lee
Time: 2016-07-08
Summary: Many people will ask such a question: Why to design led strip lights? It not only increases the cost, but needs to consider the remending. Does it cause lighting pollution? Will it be good looking?
   Now many designers in the interior design will naturally use the light in space, it appears to increase the level of indoor environment, rich light environment. Richard Kelly and Philip Johnson, the two pioneers of the "light wash wall" concept, that is, with a number of hidden light source to evenly illuminate the wall. Light with hidden in the ceiling, wall or floor to outline the outline of space, as designers prefer to use one of the lighting techniques. In the simple style of design, the lamp with the room can become more type, not only with the role of beautiful lights, more space to increase the auxiliary lighting to make it more bright; in the cabinet to increase the internal lights, played a finishing touch The role of light with a shelf with the shelf, both functional and very good lighting effects; partition under the light band so that a small room from the visual look more spacious.

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