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How to Install LED Neon Rope Lights

How to Install LED Neon Rope Lights Measure out and cut the rope light to the required length. The maximum run for 120V neon rope light is 150 feet; if you have a longer run, you will need additional power supplies. Only make cuts along the cut lines marked on the PVC insulation every 18 inches. Cutting outside of these lines will cause that section not to light. The rope light comes with four power pins, four end caps, eight 4-inch sections of shrink tube, and a power cord. If splicing two colors together, cut each at a cut line, then connect using one of the power pins. Slide the section of shrink tube over the connection and heat so that it seals the connection. The pins are not flexible, so only make connections where you don’t need a tight curve. Use an end cap to cover the end of the rope light not connected to the power supply and on the other end, secure the power adapter. Install the mounting clips or tracks, then gently push the rope light into the track until it clicks in place.Things to Avoid During InstallationLED neon rope light is only flexible against a flat surface. While it has a very narrow bend radius for side-to-side curves, it should not be twisted or bent in an arch or dip that would bend the top or back of the rope light as this may damage the LEDs. It should also not be suspended unsupported or installed on gates or doors where it’s susceptible to frequent flexing and movement.Don’t turn on the rope light while on the spool. LEDs put out less heat than other technologies, but when tightly coiled, the heat has nowhere to go and can ignite the PVC sleeve.When installing parallel runs, don’t install them closer than half an inch apart. This may cause the rope light to overheat, shortening its lifespan. 12V LED LIGHT          220V LED LIGHT          LED Neon Rope Lights

How many models for your products?

Products series include: SMD2835, SMD3014, SMD3528,SMD5630,SMD5050. All these number stand for leds size, such as 5050 means the size is 50*50μm

Methods for power supply connections

It is a common that led strip lights can be divided into DC12V, DC24V, AC220V, AC110V. For low-voltage strips, it needs power supplys according to the length and power of led strip lights. You can choose a bigger power supply with higher power to connect several strip lights to make it be controlled easily.  But it also has a disadvantages that it can not realize control for each strip lights and each light effect. 

How many kinds of color temperature ?

LED strip lights color temperature usually can be divided into warm white(2800-3200K)、natural white(4000K-4500K)、pure white(6000-6500K),cool white(more than 7000K)KelvinsType 1,000KCandlelight Red/Yellow 1800KVintage-look Filament Lamp - OrangeUltra Warm2400KLamp style used in hospitalityVery Warm2700KConventional Halogen and LED Lamp - YellowWarm3000K  Warm White4000KCFL and LED - WhiteCool White5000K Daylight6000K - 7000K Cool Daylight10,000KBlue Sky - Blue 

How many leds per meter for led strip lights?

Usually there are 30leds, 60leds, 72leds, 120leds for SMD5050,SMD3528 and SMD5630 strips; there are 30leds, 60les, 120leds, 168leds, 192leds, 240leds for SMD2835 strips; there are 120leds, 210leds, 238leds, 240leds for SMD3014 strips etc. We can customize the products according to your specific needs and quote separately. 

Attentions when install the strip lights indoors

It is more easier to arrange strip lights indoors installation since it is no need to consider wind and rain. To remove the surace of 3M tape on the back side of strips and fix it on the place. And cut the length according to actual needs. 

How many fields can the led strip lights be applied?

In general, all kinds of led strip lights can be used for outdoors and indoors decoration and be light source for some acrylic and aluminum lamps. For example, outdoors lighting, cars, auto-mobiles, KTV, hotel, showcases, wine coolers, home decoration, advertisements, boards, cinemas, showrooms, wedding scene.  

Is it ok to print logo on PCB or package?

More than 3000 meters for each item strip lights, it is no problem to print logo or other specifications on PCB.  It can also customize color box and cartons as your specific requirements. More suitable schedules will be offered for you according to different business. 

What service will you provide?

1. All the inquiries will be replied within 24 hours accurately.  2. Products can be customized quickly according to your needs.3. All the commercial information including brand, design or other details will be keep secret. 4. We will arrange drivers to pick up you when you would like to visit our factory. 5. Some samples will be sent freely to let you know our product quality.  6. Samples will be tested and get your confirmation before mass production. 7. We promise 1 year or 2 years warranty. 

13.How do you ship the goods and how long does it take arrive?

For overseas smaples orders, we usually suggest customers to send by DHL, FedEx, TNT. For large cargo, they are always shipped by sea. We will contact and communicate shipment affairs with customers' forwarders. Usually drivers will send the goods to the specified place to load the contatiner. For domestic orders, samples or small orders will be send by express. For bulk goods, we will send by logistic or arrange drivers to send them near Zhongshan. 

What are your usual price terms and payment terms?

Usually we quote EXW price or FOB price.  T/T 30% deposit received, we will arrange production and send the goods after get 70% the balanced amount. Check is sometimes acceptable for those customers placing large orders every month. 

Can you make products according to our samples?

Research and Development  ability is one of our advantages. We can make modules and make the samples according to your requirements. Once you confirmed the sample, we will make the products strictly as the sample.

How can you settle for products quality problem?

We promise 1year warranty for  regular quality products and 2years warranty for some better quality items. Any problem once confirmed it is due to our production mistake, we will make up the goods or exchange some of them. Before installation, any question, we will provide guidance. 

Could you tell us about package details?

For DC12V, DC24V LED Strip Lights,  usually it is packed as 5meters a roll into a reel and into an anti-static bag and with a outer carton sized as 43.5*32*23.5cm or 38*38*36cm  For AC110V, AC220V LED Strip Lights, 100 meters a roll with a reel, and then into a netual carton sized as 33*33*24.5cm. Or 50 meters a roll with a reel and then into a carton sized as 32*32*18cm.  For LED Neon Strip Lights, 8*16mm neons will be packed as 100 meters a roll into a reel, 15*25mm packedas 50 meters a roll and then into a color carton sized as 33*33*24.5cm. We can make the cartons and anti-static bags according to customers needs.